Call for tutorials

Submission deadline

February 26, 2016
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Other important dates

  • Tutorial acceptance notificationMarch 31, 2016
  • ConferenceSeptember 5-7, 2016


Call for tutorials


GSWOC’16 invites proposals for half-day tutorials, which should provide clear and focused teaching material covering topics within the scope of the conference. Proposed tutorials can address the interests of a varied audience: students, researchers, lecturers, etc. We encourage submissions of tutorial proposals on all topics in the general areas of GSWOC’16. Tutorials may be theoretical; however, we encourage the tutorial speakers to incorporate hands-on sessions and concrete examples when possible.

Submission guidelines

Tutorial proposal submissions should contain the following sections in the suggested order.

  • Title.
  • Presenters. The names, affiliations, contact information and brief bio of the presenters.
  • Topic and description. A description of the tutorial topic, providing a sense of both the scope of the tutorial and depth within the scope.
  • Audience. A description of the intended audience and the expected learning outcomes.
  • Prerequisite. Desired prerequisite knowledge of the audience.
  • Relevance. A statement addressing why the tutorial is important, why the tutorial is timely, how it is relevant to the conference areas, and why the presenters are qualified for a high-quality introduction of the topic.
  • Equipment. Indicate any additional equipment needed (if any). The standard equipment includes an LCD projector, a single projection screen and microphones.

Submitted tutorial proposals should not exceed four pages and it should be submitted in PDF format.